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Wait, hear us out! We can already sense the scepticism! Technology is ever changing and what once was the ‘now’ product on the market can quite quickly become old and obsolete. Of course, we can always recycle our old tech, or we could list it on a selling site and go through the hassle of […]

2017 promises to be an interesting year from a design trends and home improvement point of view. It will continue the current fashion for clean living spaces dominated by whites, creams or pale base colours, accented with strong colours and textures. Specific things to watch out for this year are: Terracotta Photo by Vintage Elements […]

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It might have been an American invention, but who cares? Black Friday is coming, and everyone loves a bargain! We have chosen some of our most popular products where we will be slashing the prices to bring a huge pre-Christmas smile to your face. We’ll be dropping prices on bedroom, lounge, dining room and office […]

devoted2home lounge furniture

In a couple of weeks the clocks will go forward, the nights will get dark earlier and the temperature will drop. You know what that means… Christmas is almost here. Endless Christmas jingles on the radio, endless ads of the TV, and even better, all the friends and relatives visiting over the Christmas break. This […]

Furniture is often a considered purchase, with customers taking a long time to choose buying the right colour, style, look and feel of a product….. not to mention shopping around for the very best price!  While all these elements are important in the selection process, there are several more practical elements to buying furniture that might […]

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