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Bedside Cabinets

What would we do without our bedside cabinets? Where would we put the change from our pockets, or put down our books and glasses when we are ready to roll over and go to sleep? A bedside cabinet is the essential bedside table for all those needs.


Choosing a Bedside Cabinet


It’s hard to imagine a bed without a bedside cabinet or table to go with it! So what should you look for?

The first and most obvious consideration is how it looks. You want something to match your décor, whether that be a black, white, cream or other colour finish to make a clean and dramatic statement; or a pine, ash, oak, maple or walnut effect to give the bedroom a soft and warm feel. Devoted2Home have a wide range of finishes to suit your décor and taste.

The next thing to decide on is the style of the bedside cabinet. Do you want one with a single drawer and some storage space below that, or one that is all drawers. What kind of handle do you prefer - a traditional metal one of something a little more personal and distinctive, such as hearts or crowns.

Finally, is this for a single bed or a double bed? If that latter you will probably want a matching pair, but if each of you have different tastes then you could always go for your own personal choice for each side of the bed, knowing that our exacting manufacturing standards would mean that the height and dimensions of each of the bedside tables/cabinets will still match.

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