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You spend a third of your life in bed, so you want a bed that both suits your room and is warm and comfy. Choose from Devoted2Home’s range of beds and mattresses for a wonderful night’s sleep.


Choosing a Bed or Mattress


You might spend most of your time using a bed asleep, but that’s no reason rush your choice of bed - it’s a very important piece of furniture.

Probably the most vital consideration is the sturdiness of the bed. You want something that’s rigid and won’t move when you do, waking you up; you want a firm platform for your mattress so that it doesn’t sag; and you want something that is going to last for years and years. All of Devoted2Home’s beds can be relied upon to promote a sound and restful night’s sleep.

Next, what style of bed are you looking for? Metal beds have become a very trendy and popular choice over recent years, both because they are available in many colours from a neutral black to either pink or blue (popular with the kids) and because they are incredibly practical. They are easy to clean and maintain, and they have loads of space beneath for informal storage. Leather beds add a feeling of sumptuous luxury to a room, making you feel rich and decadent. Wooden beds add a feeling of warmth and natural materials to a room.

A bed also adds options for additional storage, either by sliding storage boxes beneath or by buying a bed designed for storage. One of the most innovative approaches is a bed which cantilevers up, making it really easy to reach into the space below - no more dragging heavy drawers out.

Once you have your bed you need your mattress. Obviously you need a mattress that will fit the bed, but beyond that consider how hard or soft you prefer your mattresses, and what type of technology (such as pocket sprung) is right for you.

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